Prison Chapters

Noname Book Club is for the liberation of all oppressed people. We understand the Prison Industrial Complex is a system working tirelessly to disappear members of our community. It is very important for us to counteract the violence of the carceral state by staying in contact with folks on the inside. Each month we send 2 books to members of our prison chapters. Typically our book club picks are radical with themes around liberation, decolonization, and revolution. Books of this nature are seen as a threat to prison safety and are unfortunately banned from most facilities. Because of this censorship we’ve come up with a curated book list that we know should have no issues getting into most prisons. It allows us to still materially support comrades on the inside but it doesn’t fully allow them to be a part of the larger conversations our outside members are having about the booklist we’re reading. If you are interested in building connections with some of our incarcerated book club members about the books they are specifically reading. None of us are free until we’re all free.

Books for Incarcerated Loved Ones

We understand that when a loved one is arrested or sent to jail the ripple effects are felt across the entire community. We know the Prison Industrial Complex looks to capitalize off our pain and efforts to stay in contact with folks inside, the cost of: calls, letters, commissary, and packages add up really fast. Which is one of the reasons we are working with community members like you to connect folks inside with radical books.

By filling out this form you are signing up your loved one to receive free radical books written by Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. There are two sections to this form, the first asks for your personal information. The second asks for the most current information of your incarcerated loved one.

Fill in the form here.

Our goal is to send out books monthly, if you have any questions please reach out to

Thank you for trusting us. Noname Book Club is for the liberation of all oppressed people.

Letter from Stevie

Stevie is a member of our SCI Smithfield prison chapter in Huntington, PA.

More info on communication with this prison here.