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Book Club Headquarters

Book Club Headquarters is located in occupied Los Angeles, CA and has been open since October 2021. From this space we organize our national books to prison program and national book club chapter meetups. In addition the space is also home to our Radical Hood Library! Our collection of books uplifts BIPOC authors, ranging from children's books and poetry, to radical theory and history. We host events throughout the month like open mic nights, documentary screenings, teach-ins, our prison program packing week and more!

We see ourselves as a bridge to connect people with radical ideas and each other. As a Black-led space and collective we are committed to creating a space where Black people feel seen, and where we build the world we want to live in everyday.

Book Club HQ/Radical Hood Library Information


Thursday - Saturday

To see library selection:
Please visit https://bookclubhq.libib.com/

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