Waiting to Exhale

Reading material for the homies.

Noname Book Club is a Black-owned worker cooperative connecting community members both inside and outside carceral facilities with radical books. Each month, we uplift two books written by Black, indigenous, and other people of color. We believe building community through political education is crucial for our liberation. We also believe everyone (especially racialized and colonized people) should have access to unlimited educational materials. This is why we make sure all the resources we offer are free.

Since our founding in 2019, we have created 12 book club chapters across occupied United States. In April 2021, we refocused our efforts on expanding our prison chapters and now send books to hundreds of incarcerated comrades. We understand the state is actively working to disappear members of our community. It's our job to make sure our folks feel taken care of and not forgotten. We believe systems that perpetuate harm against Black people should ultimately be abolished. This includes police, prisons, and all other colonial institutions.

In Oct 2021, we launched our Book Club Headquarters. In this space, we do administrative work that keeps the national org going, package and ship out books to our prison/jail chapters and it's also where we built our Radical Hood Library!!! Not only are we committed to offering free resources to friends and family behind bars, we also think it's incredibly important to have revolutionary literature freely available in our local community.

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Photos from our very first book club, August 2019